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Bob Stonewater's Trophy Bass Guide Service

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Catching Trophy Bass Year-Round with Captain Jim Pratt

Near the Beaches in Daytona and Disney in Orlando Located in DeLand on the St. John's River
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A Note From Bob:

After nearly 50 years of guiding, I've decided it's time to retire. It has been such an amazing job because I've met some extraordinary anglers and they have caught countless bass, which is why it is especially difficult for me to say goodbye to a life-long career. I'll miss it.

The good news is that my nephew, Captain Jim Pratt, is taking over my business, Bob Stonewater's Trophy Bass Guide Service. Jim has been fishing nearly his entire life on the St. Johns River - learning where and when to catch big bass from his grandfather, and me - and he has been working in my guide service for the past four years. Clients tell me (and I agree) that he is doing a great job, is very likeable, courteous, and fun - not to mention his outstanding ability to locate and catch bass!

I hope you will contact Captain Jim to book your next bass fishing adventure. He is an impressive fisherman, and I know he will do everything he can to make your bass fishing trip memorable.

Thank you to all my clients for helping me to build my business over the years. I have really enjoyed bass fishing with you.

Maybe I'll see you out on the river!

Bob Stonewater.

Bob's Big Bass Guide Service has been featured on ESPN, In-Fisherman TV, and in Florida Sportsman, Outdoor Life, Bill Dance's Fishing, Fishing Facts, and Bass'n as one of the best big bass guide services in Central Florida.

In-Fisherman Recommends Bob Stonewater as THE Guide for catching Trophy Bass in Florida!

I recently had the pleasure to fish with a man I very much admire, Steve Quinn, Senior Editor, Author, and Field Writer for In-Fisherman. After a successful day of wild-shiner fishing for big bass on the St. Jons River (DeLand, Florida), Steve told me that in all his 25 years of filming for In-Fisherman TV, they had never caught as many lunker bass (ranging from 7-10 pounds) as he did that day with me. At the end of the trip, Steve genuinely thanked me for knowing where to find fish; I likewise thanked Steve for knowing how to land them.

Austin Big Catch! 13.6 pounds
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My Big Bass Fishing Guide Service has been in business since 1976. I fish the St. John's River and many other Central Florida Bass Fishing waters: Rodman Reservoir, Suwanee River, Lake Russo, Farm Pond 13, Stick Marsh and many more. I fish wherever bass fishing is best in Central Florida.

What Can You Expect If You Fish With Me?
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You don't need to have fishing experience to catch bass with me!
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Paul's 12 lb

Danell's 14+

Bill's 12 lb

Chuck's Almost 15 lb

The St. Johns River offers good fishing all year and is one of the most scenic fishing waters you will ever experience. Bass, Crappie, Stripers, hybrids and Catfish all thrive in the St. Johns River. Lakes, small backwater tributaries and freshwater springs are all part of the 350 mile long St. Johns River. Because of the unique variety of the St. Johns River I have very good Big Bass fishing areas for all types of weather conditions.

  • Pontoon boats available for larger groups or families
  • Accommodations for persons with disabilities
  • Additional guides available for larger groups
  • Tackle Furnished - Live Bait or Artificial's
  • Large Groups "OK"