Trophy Bass Guide Service
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About Bob Stonewater

Trophy Bass Fishing Trip Expectations

When you book a Trophy Bass Fishing Trip with me I promise you I will be one of the hardest working fishing guides you have ever fished with. My half day trips are at least 4 hours of fishing and a full day trip is 9 hours. Those hours are time on the water fishing.

If you want to start early we will be on the water before the sun comes up. If you prefer to have breakfast first and start a little later I can accommodate that as well. I am flexible with the start time and will do whatever works best for you. Regardless of the start time, we always seem to do ok.

Experience Fishing Florida Waters

I have been fishing Florida waters for a long time and have been a guide for over 25 years. I have learned many different and unusual ways of catching bass with shiners, which is why we will be fishing with large wild shiners. We can use artificial lures, but I guarantee you that nothing will give you a better chance of catching a Florida trophy bass than a large wild shiner.

Method of catching Trophy Bass

My method of catching trophy bass is a combination of using really good wild shiners and fishing where I know the bass are. We will use extra rods to try and get as many strikes as we can; knowing a few of those strikes will have the potential of being a trophy bass. I always bring a lot of shiners with us, but you will only pay for what we use. After all, if the fish are really striking you wouldn’t want to run out of bait.

Location is also a factor when deciding where we’ll fish. There are so many different areas I have fished including the St. Johns River, Suwannee River, Rodman Reservoir, Lake Russo, Stick March and F.P. 13. I have caught hundreds of trophy bass in all of these areas. The time of year, weather, and water levels are all conditions that help me decide where we will go to catch your trophy bass. Regardless of the location, a lot of my clients that have been fishing with me for over 15 years really enjoy catching many bass while fishing in all these different areas.

Contact Bob Stonewater

So if you are interested in booking a Trophy Bass Fishing Trip that gives you the best chance of catching your trophy bass, contact me at 386-279-9436 or 513-488-0803. If you give me a chance and I will try hard to make your day the best bass fishing of your life.