Trophy Bass Guide Service
With Captain Jim Pratt
Creating Memories That Last A Lifetime!

Tips for Catching Bass

  1. Learn the different types of food that is available in the water you want to fish in. Then learn where to find these food sources and then you will find where the bass are located.
  2. Once you learn to locate these feeding areas you will start to catch a lot more bass. The right lure, time of day, type of weather pattern, water levels and the time of year will also make a difference in the feeding patterns.
  3. If you know where the bass are located, stick to that area and figure out what will work to improve your catching. (I have won tournaments by staying where I knew the fish are even without catching a fish for the first three hours).

Dad’s Tip
My dad’s best tip for catching bass was; “son, you have to keep your bait in the water”.