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Bob Stonewater’s Exclusive Bass Fishing Videos

Bob Stonewater has been a fulltime bass fishing expert for 30+ years, and there’s no doubt that he holds a highly respected position as an authority in the bass fishing world. If you’ve embarked on a fishing excursion with Bob, then you know how refined his bass fishing expertise is. For those that aren’t lucky enough to learn from his skills in person, Bob has produced two of the highest quality bass fishing videos on the market. Each feature will reinforce Bob’s most successful techniques, all while showcasing some of the best slow-motion BIG bass jumps and catches you will ever see on video.

Bob Stonewater’s outstanding pair of bass fishing videos takes the entertainment and instruction that you’re looking for in fishing footage to new heights; and the best part is there are no ads or commercials to get in the way of the technologically-sophisticated, exceptional bass catching video action. Sit back and enjoy the high resolution recordings, learn a thing or two about catching BIG bass, and soak in all the bass fishing tips you can to prepare for your next day out on the water.

Bob Stonewater's "Big Bass, Live Bait Fishin'"

With THE BEST Slow Motion Bass Jumps

Experience professional bass fishing at its finest, filmed by the CBS Studio Production crew out of Orlando, who produced the best of the best in slow mo’ jumps. Bob Stonewater’s Big Bass, Live Bait Fishin’ video gives viewers 35 minutes of continuous bass catching action with the most impressive slow motion jumps you’ll see in a fishing production. View 7, 8, 9, and 10 plus pound bass jumping in slow, slow, slow motion. If you really love bass fishing, you won’t be able to tear your eyes away from what we were able to catch on video in this unbelievable big bass feature.

Bob Stonewater's "Secrets Of The Pro"

Witness one full hour of bass catching done by the pros. No product wielding: just fishing. Learn the secrets of professional bass fisherman Bob Stonewater as he takes on some of the best bass fishing locales in the business. The high quality video and digital film process of Secrets of the Pro will give viewers a firsthand look at the perspective of bass from underneath the water. Many don’t realize how well bass can see out of the water, and Secrets of the Pro makes avid fisherman aware of their mistakes when it comes to sneaking up on a catch.