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Nature Photography

Photograph nature along the great St. Johns River where native plant and animal life remain amazingly untouched by modern development.

Traveling through the backwaters of the St. Johns and through its many tributaries and lakes, you will observe Great Blue Herons, Bald Eagles, and wild Canaries, among other numerous species of beautiful birds.

Florida Black Bears and alligators, as well as the rarely seen Florida Panther, are some of the spirited wildlife encountered along the banks of the river. Amazing native plants, such as wild orchids, hibiscus, and bald Cypress, will add to your opportunities to capture many unique photographs.

On Central Florida Scenic Nature Photographic Tours, surprising wilderness waits around every curve of the river and in every slough. You will experience strange and wonderful sights and sounds in unexpected moments.

I have been fishing, traveling, filming, and photographing these Central Florida waterways for over 30 years. Come along with me: I guarantee that you and your camera will see Florida at its scenic best.

Bob Stonewater
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Half-day, 5 hr, $200
Full-day, 8 hr, $300
*Longer or shorter trips, depending on your needs, can be arranged and priced accordingly.