Trophy Bass Guide Service
With Captain Jim Pratt
Creating Memories That Last A Lifetime!

Questions & Answers

I have been fishing for bass on the St. Johns River and Central Florida Lakes for over 40 years!

This section will answer most of your questions about where we fish and how we operate. It includes information on local lodging, licenses, what to bring and our rates.

Q. What should I know about Bob?

A. Bob is the St. John's River Bass fishing specialist! He has been fishing the St. John's River most of his life and has over 25-years experience as a guide on the River (click to learn more about Bob). Call us any time at 386-279-9436 or 513-488-0803 for bass fishing information in Central Florida and we'll help you plan your trip! We also have access to a taxidermy service that can ship your trophy catch anywhere in the world. C'mon! Let's go fishing!

Q. Where are we going to fish?

A. Primarily we fish for trophy bass along the St. Johns River and in Central Florida lakes, but we do take special trips to the Suwanee River, Stick Marsh and Farm Pond 13. The varying seasons and weather patterns cause the bass to adopt different feeding stations and patterns in all of these waters but, with over twenty years of experience catching large bass, we will go where fishing is best!

Generally we will concentrate on areas where we have caught big bass before. We are consistently learning new areas because we spend so much time fishing.

Q. What type of fishing will we do?

A.That will depend on what YOU consider a successful day and what your goals and expectations are for the day. Our desire is to help you reach your goal.

This day will be about YOU catching fish. The guide will not fish.

If you are highly skilled, want an instructional trip, or prefer to catch bass on artificial baits, then let us know that.

Our "specialty" is catching LARGE bass on live bait. If it is your desire to catch a trophy bass of 10 pounds or more, then we recommend using live bait. Live wild Golden Shiners from 6 to 12 inches in length are the #1 bait for big bass in Florida. Our clients have caught over 1000+ bass that weigh more than 10 pounds using our live bait techniques.

It is our policy to practice "Catch and Release" fishing. If you elect to have a trophy fish mounted, we can assist you with a local taxidermist for the production of a fiberglass replica of your fish!

In general, we fish to get you as many strikes as possible during the day knowing that a certain percentage of those will be BIG bass.

We also use the "Proven Method of Catching Fish" as discovered by Bob's dad "Stony". As he always said, "Son, you got to keep your bait in the water." We haven't yet found a way to catch fish with a big outboard engine running wide open going from place to place on the water. We will spend as much time "fishing" and as little time "hunting for fish" as possible.

Q. What does it cost for a guided bass fishing trip?

A. Our rates are: $500 full day (9 hours) plus bait -- 1 or 2 people per boat.
$350 half-day (5 hours) plus bait -- 1 or 2 people per boat.
Extra Person Rate: $100 each trip
Children 12 and under -- FREE!

Special Trips: $550 plus bait (Suwanee River, Farm Pond 13, and Stick Marsh)

$25 per day deposit holds reservations (applies to fishing trip)

Bait: Wild Shiners - $25 - 30 per dozen
I bring plenty of shiners to fish with but only charge you for what we use. I don't want to run out of bait when the bass are really striking.

Shorter or longer trips for fishing, scenic tours or photography can be arranged.

Pontoon boats available for larger groups or families

Accommodations for person with disabilities

Additional guides available for larger groups

Call 513-488-0803

Q. Trip Timing (or when should I come)?

A. Largemouth bass feed during all seasons. Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, it doesn't matter. You will catch bass no matter what time of year it is. Plan your fishing trip when it is best for you.

Q. Do I need a fishing license?

A. Yes, a state fishing license is required. Rates are as follows:

$17.00 - Non-Resident 3-day freshwater fishing

$47.00 - Non-Resident 12-month freshwater fishing

$13.50 - Resident 12-month freshwater fishing

You can pre-purchase your license by calling the State of Florida licensing division at 1 (888) 347-4356. Be sure to have your credit card information handy when you call.

Q. Should I bring anything?

A. Absolutely, here are a few recommended items to bring.

A camera - still or video We fish a lot of wild and scenic "back country" which is very photogenic. Also, you will want to take pictures of your fish!

A rainsuit in case it rains and sunscreen in case it doesn't Polarized sunglasses and a extra change of clothes (just in case).

If you come during the winter be sure to bring warm clothes. Even though it is Florida it still gets cold on the water.

If you have a favorite rod and reel you want to use, bring it. We supply all necessary tackle but if you want to use your own that is OK too.

Q. Miscellaneous

What about lunch? You can pack a lunch and bring it with you or, if you prefer, we can go to a restaurant. Most of the areas we fish in have restaurants located on the waterfront.

What about restroom facilities? We will generally be within a few minutes boat ride of restroom facilities.

Special Needs or potential concerns: Please discuss these with us when you call to book a trip. We can accommodate nearly any special need.

Q. What about motels/hotels in the area?

There are several hotels/motels in the Deland area, here are a few:

Hampton Inn & Suites DeLand
(386) 279-7808

Comfort Inn DeLand
(386) 736-3100


Holiday Inn Express
Orange City
(386) 917-0004
Days Inn
Orange City
(386) 775-4522

Call 386-279-9436 or 513-488-0803 to reserve your Trip of a Lifetime!