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Florida Large Mouth Bass (Micropterus salmoides)

The Most Serious Feeding Predator in Freshwater

Bass are the fastest freshwater fish for short distances enabling them to catch almost anything. Bass can also detect colors and have a very good sense of smell and taste. Their nares (nostrils) our very important in detecting various foods. During studies researchers have realized bass will put various possible food in their mouth, but might not decide to swallow it. On the side of a bass there is the appearance of a lateral line. This line is a sensory organ consisting of fluid filled sacs with hair like apparatus that are open to the water through a series of pores. The lateral line will detect pressure and underwater vibration and the direction of these vibrations which helps them locate possible forage or predators. Bass also have the ability to change their coloration to help them blend into their surrounding habitat. In the dark stained waters of Florida the bass will be almost black. With the big mouth of the Florida Bass and all of their other senses working together, bass are a serious freshwater predator.