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Want to beat the wintertime blues?

Nine-pound bass more exciting than trip to Disneyworld
By Tom Lee

We felt badly for our friends and family back in Minnesota. In early January it was 100 degrees warmer on the St. Johns River in Central Florida than it was in Minnesota. My family and I were on the last day of a three-week vacation and we had hired a guide to show us how to catch those giant Florida bass.

Mid-Summer Strategies for Large Bass

Does your enthusiasm for bass fishing droop when the temperature soars? Do you start at 4 am and leave the lake by 8 am? This is the time of year when most people give up easy. Try these four live bait strategies and you will stay on the lake longer and catch more bass long after the rest of the crowd went home!

To Master Marsh Bass

Here are the keys to locating and catching bass from shallow swamp habitat.
By Larry Larsen

To locate bass in the marsh, you look for the trashiest piles of stuff you can find," said bass guide Bob Stonewater. "If I can find a bunch of dead limbs, matted weeds and moss all tucked up in a little pocket, I know I'll catch bass there. When no one else wants to throw bait in a spot, that will be a productive one for me.

River Bass Monsters

The biggest bass you'll ever catch won't be in a farm pond or backwoods beaver swamp---take thee to a river.
By Larry Larsen

River fishing for big bass is just like lake fishing; you learn to identify those areas having the highest potential for holding a trophy bass, and you fish them, "guide Bob Stonewater told me. "You need to understand what the current does, where it hits the habitat, where drops are formed, and how the structure may be piled up on the bottom."